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year/año: 2012
issue/numero: # 01

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Mururu in The Amazon
Flavia Lins e Silva
Original title: Mururu no Amazonas
ISBN: 978-85-86218-69-9
Publication year:
Original publishing house: Manati
Number of pages:
Total printing in Brazil: 5000 copies


Mururu is a little one-seater dugout canoe that sails the vast waters of the Amazon with the delicacy of a leaf on the tide. Mururu belongs to a girl on the brink of womanhood who introduces herself like this: "I am like my name: Flitter. I go from river to river and, when it gets hot, I belly flop into the water. At school, they reinvented me as Flitty. I have been divided ever since: I am Flitty on the outside and Flitter on the inside."

Readers are drawn into a story that flows with the power and infinitude of the Amazon river, accompanying Flitty, bird-woman and fearless Amazon, protected only by the courage of her little canoe. Flitty and Mururu are swept up in adventure, transformation, discovery and freedom, and readers barely have time to catch their breath before the rapids. Flitty leaves her mother and floating house to go search for her father, but she meets Piú, a local boy on the brink of manhood who tastes like fruit and smells like earth. Flitty crosses the place where the clear Negro and muddy Solimões rivers meet and becomes a woman. "And what about readers?" you ask. Ah, readers will find they have left a part of themselves in the enormous river that flows through forest and time. (synopsis written by BiaHetzel)


Mururu, eine Amazongeschichte, German translation by Marianne Gareis

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The author

Flavia Martins Lins e Silva
Pen name:
Flavia Lins e Silva

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The Translator

Alison Entrekin
Alison Entrekin´s translations include Budapest, by Chico Buarque, which was a finalist in the 2004 Independent Foreign Fiction Prize, City of God, by Paulo Lins, The Eternal Son, by Cristavão Tezza, which was a finalist in the 2012 IMPAC Dublin Literary Award, and a retranslation of Near to the Wild Heart, by Clarice Lispector. In 2009 and 2011 she was a finalist in the NSW Premier´s Translation Prize and Pen Medallion (Australia).

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